Longhorn Cattle Company Grass Fed Beef

On the ranch in Ellensburg, WA, we raise the highest quality, free-range Longhorn/Angus Cross Grass Fed Beef. Northwest families can buy direct, save and serve locally raised, all natural, hormone-free beef.

Our cattle breeding program produces the leanest meat qualities from the Longhorn, while maintaining that great taste you love from the Angus. It’s the healthiest choice, from our ranch to your table. Serve the best tonight, Longhorn Cattle Company Beef.

The Akehurst family’s ranching heritage is based on protecting the livestock and the land, ensuring both continue to prosper and provide for our family and yours for future generations.

When you choose Grass Fed Longhorn/Angus Cross Beef, you are choosing products that are:
Better for the animals: Eating (in the pasture) what nature intended
Better for the environment: Harmony between the land & the animals
Better for ranchers: Living & working in a healthy sustainable atmosphere
Better food: Grass Fed foods are lower in saturated fats & higher in essential nutrients
Better for you: Nutritious Grass Fed foods support better overall health

Our Longhorn/Angus Cross Beef are Grass Fed on open pasture their entire lives. No Antibiotics. No Chemicals. No Hormones.

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